Patchnotes 2.0.2 [Maintenance 13.07.21]

  • Maintenance 13.07.2021

    The new Game Version will be 2.0.2


    • Our site have been redesigned for the transition to International
    • Our client does now support 5 languages:
    • Battlepass of July is now available, for more informations check ItemShop News
    • A new slot in Inventory is available, more informations coming soon
    • A new item Paper Elemental appears in 90+ dungeon chests
    • A new craft is available from Aeki for the Elemental Pet Vouchers
    • Two new armors 115 is now available from Kawuco
    • Dummies have been placed in each map 1
    • Unused energy crystals can be recycled from Sheldan
    • Some npc's have their name changed:
      • Rubrian blacksmith => Sheldan
      • Utility merchant => Nozama
      • Rubrian merchant => Aeki
      • Rubrian Prince => Guran


    • It is now possible to change the pin code of your character on the site
    • It is now possible to send the confirmation email
    • Ores and Refined ores can now be stored in the special inventory Stones
    • When a player is attacked by another player, teleports are blocked with a waiting time of 3 seconds
    • Resistance to Magic revised for all dungeons
    • Items up dropped from mobs of the dungeons Razador and Nemere have been removed
    • Elementary pets have their durations reduced from 30 to 15 days
    • Items up dropped form mobs of the maps 90+ have been removed
    • Level 30-75 dungeon bosses will now drop yangs
    • Drop rate of Green Dragon Bean and Cor Draconis (Cut) reduced on metin stones 120
    • The italic font of the staff members has been removed
    • During a fragmentation, the maximum number of energy fragments obtained goes from 12 to 8
    • Energy crystals 1 and 3% have been removed
    • The Kyanite sword is now wearable by Ninja's
    • It is now possible to sell the item refresh gaya market in your shop
    • As the euro event is over, store from the captain and soccer metin stones have been removed

    PvP changes:

    • Blade-Fight:
      • Increased damage for all skills except Poisonous cloud
    • Dragon Force:
      • Dragon's Roar damage can be increased by vitality now
      • Dragon's Roar cooldown have been decreased, from 18 to 16 seconds
      • Shooting Dragon cooldown have been increased, from 15 to 18 seconds
      • Flying Talisman & Shooting Dragon damage slightly increased
    • Weaponary:
      • Dispel's damage have been decreased
      • Finger Strike & Dragon Swirl damage have been increased


    • Fixed an issue that prevented clients from synchronizing with the use of the strong body skill
    • Fixed an issue with poisonous cloud that did 5 to 10 times more damage than any other skills
    • Fixed a bug that did not display correctly the information for the belts in the wiki
    • Fixed a bug that displayed the red gaya counter despite the correct count in the craft window
    • Fixed a bug that did not display the information of the objects with the cursor in the wiki
    • Fixed evolving pet special skills that can be cast repeatedly
    • Fixed a problem with pet skills that did not give bonuses depending on the location
    • Fixed a problem with poisoned arrow causing server lag

    If you encounter errors or missings translations, don't panic and report them so that they can be corrected.

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